Springador portrait

Springador portrait in pastels

This beautiful Springador is called Nala. She is a cross between a Springer Spaniel and a Chocolate Labrador.

My client contacted me to paint a portrait of Nala as a 30th Birthday gift for her daughter. She sent me some lovely photos so I could see her Character plus a told me a little about her. She has the energy of a springer spaniel, runs then leaps in the air, but the colour and temperament of a chocolate Labrador, she is a lovely dog and a wonderful much loved pet. It is always lovely to hear a little about what the pet is like. It helps me get a feel of the character and to see others photos too is always helpful. Although more photos are not necessary if you only have one photo and are unable to get any more. See below just a few of the lovely photos of Nala that I was sent.

Pet Portrait Reference photos

Pet portrait reference photo
Pet Portrait Reference Photo
Dog portrait reference photo

Nala’s colour is beautiful. It is full of lovely rich browns, golds and lovely brown/rusty colours. She really was a delight to paint. I usually take work in progress photos when painting my portraits. But looking back through my camera I only found the ones when I had finished!. I had got so carried away with enjoying painting her I forgot!


Nalas portrait was to be a 30th brithday gift, so my client wanted me to frame it for her. The frame she chose was a lovely Oak style frame which suited Nala’s colouring beautifully. I have several frames to choose from. They range from narrow frames to large chunky frames. Modern frames to Ornate or traditional frames. I have some of them on my website (see my frame page), plus lots more. So I can send you photos of whatever style you would like. There are too many to put all of them on my frame page, so I just put the favourite ones and update the page when needed. See below the finished portrait of Nala in the lovely frame that was chosen.

Springador portrait
Framed Springador portrait
Framed Springador portrait

client comments……………….

It is so wonderful to hear from my clients on how happy they are with their portrait. The first response is when I send an email when the portrait is finished with an attachment of their painting. This is for their approval and to check if anything needs changing. Once approved, I pack the portrait ready for posting. The next time I hear is when they have received their painting. The two comments below are from the client for the above portrait of Nala. The first one is from the approval email and the second is upon receipt of the painting.

It’s also lovely that they leave me a google or facebook review too.

Oh my goodness, the portrait is absolutely stunning,it is Nala through and through,you have definitely captured the softer side in her features, my daughter is going to be over the moon and I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it on her birthday.
Thank you so much lorraine it is beautiful

Good morning,
 Just to let you know the portrait was delivered late yesterday afternoon and it is beautiful lorraine,absolutely beautiful.
My daughter will cry when she opens it on Saturday, thank you so much,I will be leaving a message on your website very soon.

If you would like me to do a portrait of your pet, dog, cat or horse or any other animal (I paint birds too) then head over to my contacts page. I would love to hear from you. Or if you would like to see other samples of my work there is a gallery, dog portrait, cat portrait, horse portrait page for you to browse through.

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