Pet Portrait Prices

I feel my pet portrait prices are very competitive, especially when you consider the quality of my work and the the years of experience.

All prices quoted are for unframed portraits. We can also supply framed portraits and can recommend a range of frames to suit your portrait.

Pet Portrait Prices

If you are looking to commission a pet portrait artist one of the questions you will undoubtedly have is, what will it cost? You will find my price list below. You will note that the prices are stated in UK pounds sterling. If you would like me to quote in other currencies please contact me and I will do so using the current exchange rate at the time of enquiry.  

Prices are for a standard portrait with a plain or low detail background. Should you wish to have a more detailed background, contact me and  I can give an exact quote once you have given me your requirements. 

For your convenience there is a photo advice and commission process page, where you can get info on how to commission a pet portrait and help with taking the photos for me to work from or alternatively contact me and I will gladly help.

At the bottom of this page I also list the cost of shipping a portrait to UK customers. As stated I can also quote international shipping costs upon request. Finally please read my terms and conditions page as these will need to be agreed before I commence a commission.

Pastel Portrait Prices

The following prices are unframed. I recommend a range of frames for pet portraits and can quote accordingly.  I can also quote in other currencies upon request.   

Please see my Photo Advice page to help you with your photos.

Gift Certificates are available, which can be requested at the bottom of this prices page.

Please Note.  Sizes are for Frame Size.

13″ x 11″


  • One Subject Only
  • Image Area 10″x 8″
  • Head / Neck Study

16″ x 12″


  • One Subject Only
  • Image Area 12″ x 8″
  • Head / Neck Study

16″ x 14″


  • One Subject Only
  • Image Area 12″ x 10″
  • Head / Neck Study

18″ x 14″


  • Image Area 14″x 10″
  • + £50.00 extra subject

18″ x 16″


  • Image Area 14″ x 12″
  • + £50.00 extra subject

20″ x 16″


  • Image Area 16″ x 12″
  • + £50.00 extra subject

20″ x 18″


  • Image Area 16″x 14″
  • + £50.00 extra subject

24″ x 20″


  • Image Area 20″ x 16″
  • + £50.00 extra subject
  • Shipping costs
  • Unframed – £10 up to size 20″ x 16″. Larger sizes £20
  • Framed – £20
  • Overseas – please email for a quote as shipping varies. Shipping by Fedex.

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