Border Collie Portrait

Border Collie Portraits

Border Collie portraits are always a pleasure to paint. This beautiful Border Collie is called Meg. My client contacted me to ask if I would do a portrait of Meg to give as a birthday gift. With the guidance of my photo advice blog my client took some beautiful photos for me to work from. I really was spoilt for choice. It is always nice to hear about the pet as well as seeing photos. It helps me get the feel for the character. Meg is nearly six years old. She is a lovely calm and gentle dog who loves children and comes alive when she gets on the agility track. I would love to see photos of her in action one day. The photos really showed her sweet nature.

Border Collie portrait – work in progress

You will see below some work in progress photos that I took whilst painting this particular Border Collie portrait. I like to take work in progress photos so that my clients can either be sent them whilst I am working on their painting or see their portrait come to life here on my blog!

Border Collie Portraits - Rough Sketch
Border Collie Portraits – Rough Sketch

You will see from the rough sketch how I start building up the layers of colour. The painting is built up in many layers. Just like the real dogs fur!

Border Collie Portraits – Framing

My client wanted to present the Border Collie portrait framed. I have lots of frames to choose from over on my frames page. My client chose a lovely dark wood frame that really suited Border Collie Meg’s colouring. It really brought out the colour in her lovely eyes. Below is the finished portrait along with the portrait in its frame. You can have your portrait unframed or framed. The unframed portraits are packed very safely and are packed in a way that you can safely take them to your own framers. Or you can chose me to frame it for you.

Finished Border Collie Portrait
Finished Border Collie Portrait
Border Collie Portrait framed
Border Collie Portrait framed

Client comments……

When I have finished your painting, I send an email with a photograph of your pet portrait for you to view and approve.

Below is the lovely comments I got from my client when he first viewed the portrait online and also when he received the Border Collie portrait of Meg in the post.

Wow! I think that’s going to be very well received!

Very much looking forward to seeing this! You’ve caught the eyes perfectly, and you know well that is why it works. Annie will be chuffed! I think there might be tears too!

Hello Lorraine

It’s arrived! I can’t believe it! It’s fabulous!
Thank you so much. I want to keep looking at it, but I’ve had to hide it away – can’t wait to see the look on Annie’s face on Wednesday!

If you would like me to paint a pet portrait of your dog, cat, horse or any other animal, pop over to my contact page, I would love to hear from you. Check out my Pet Portrait Commission Process blog and Photo advice blog too which are there to help you decide what you would like. Or contact me directly.

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