Dog Portraits

Beautiful dog portraits from your photos in pastels. Prices given on my prices page are unframed. I can recommend a range of frames and quote and supply framed if required. 

Dog Portraits From Photos

Having a dog as a companion for most of my life, I know how much love they give and how much we love them. They are our best friend. They remain loyal and true to us. I couldn’t imagine not having my dog by my side whilst I work.

Over the last twenty years, dog portraits have been the most requested of all my pet portraits. I have painted so many different breeds over the years as well as hundreds of our lovely crossbreeds. Every dog is unique and has a personality of their own. It is important to me that my dog portraits not only capture the likeness of your dog but capture the very essence of their personality too. Clients have even told me that other pets in the house go up to the portrait of a recently passed pet that I have painted wagging their tail recognizing their lost friend. A portrait of your dog is a wonderful keepsake for yourself or a gift for a friend or family member.

Dog Portraits Gallery

The following are just a small selection of my dog portraits. We post more examples on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Dog Portraits – Reviews

We were absolutely delighted with our portrait of Nala, our daughter’s dog. We couldn’t get over how life like it really looked, amazing! It is a beautiful portrait and made a wonderful 30th birthday present.
Thank you so much Lorraine.
Nigel Ayles
Dog Portrait
Recently received a superb pastel of our late friend ‘Charlie’ the cat, very lifelike and now takes pride of place on the wall in the lounge watching the goings on! Lovely quality and excellent service.
Stuart Dennis
Cat Portrait