Terms & Conditions

The following is my Terms & Conditions for all pet portrait commissions.

Among other things it covers deposit payments, my cancellation policy, changes to portraits and my policy relating to damages in transit.

Terms & Conditions

Deposits Paid

When making a booking a deposit is required to reserve a space on my waiting list. A 25% deposit for Pastels and a 50% deposit for Oils. From the date of making your booking you have a 7 day cooling off period in which you may cancel your order and receive your deposit back in full. However after this date refer to cancellations terms.

Cancellation before starting your portrait

If for any reason a client needs to cancel their portrait, they must let me know as soon as possible. If the date is past the 7 day cooling off period the 25% deposits for pastels becomes non refundable. For the 50% deposits for Oil portraits there will be a £100 cancellation fee which will be deducted from your refunded deposit, which covers emails, general admin, mock-ups and time spent on planning your portrait.

Cancellation After starting work on your portrait

If a client wishes to cancel their order after I have started their portrait, none of the deposit is refundable, plus there will be a fee for the time spent on their painting, plus material costs.

Changes to portrait

Upon finishing the portrait I will email the client with an image of their painting, upon which they can let me know if they would like any changes made. Payment will not be requested until the client is 100% happy with their portrait. If the client isn’t happy with the portrait they can choose to have a 50% refund.

Changes after shipping

Once the client has received their approved portrait they have 7 days to contact me for any changes they require. The client must meet the costs of shipping the portrait back to me in the original packaging. Changes will be done and I will email the client a photo of the painting with the changes complete.  If the client is still not happy they can request a 50% refund and I will retain the painting for disposal and refund the 50%.  All shipping costs will be  met by the client.

Damage in Transit

My portraits are packed extremely well in high standard packaging and shipped globally. In the unlikely event that the portrait is damaged in transit the client must send me photos of the packaging by email immediately. The painting shall be returned to me in its original packaging for repair or replace at no additional costs.  The client will meet the cost of all shipping.

Gift Certificates

My Pet Portrait Gift Certificates are non-refundable and do not have an expiry date. However they are valid for two years for purchase date prices. If a client contacts me after the two years and my prices have gone up there will be a charge for the price difference.