Spaniel Portraits in Oils by Pet Portrait Artist Lorraine Gray

Spaniel Portraits

This beautiful Spaniel is called Rolo. Rolo’s portrait is painted in oils and is the size 16″ x 12″. My Client contacted me earlier in the year to enquire about having a dog portrait done in pastels as a retiring present for a colleague at their Pony Club. I was sent several photos of Rolo to choose from. Such a beautiful looking dog. Eventually an Oil Painting was chosen instead. She knew that she would have to wait a little longer for the portrait as Oils take a lot longer to do than Pastels. But I think you will agree, oils was a good choice for Rolo’s portrait. If you are thinking of giving a retirement present or birthday or anniversary or even Wedding present, a gift certificate is an ideal gift, especially if you don’t have access to any photos of their dog, cat or horse without giving the game away! Head over to the bottom of my contact page where you can order your Gift Certificate.

Work in Progress of Spaniel portrait Rolo

You will see from the images below how I start my painting. I first do a rough sketch in pencil. I sketch enough detail to achieve the likeness before I start to apply any oil paint. The second image shows where I am building up the layers of fur with several different colours. Just like real Spaniels dogs fur. Lots of layers and different colours. Oil paintings take several weeks to complete because of having to wait for each layer to dry. Plus building up all that detail takes time too.

Pencil Sketch of a Spaniel
First Sketch
Applying colour to the Spaniel Oil Portrait
Applying colour

Finished spaniel portrait in Oils and framed

All of my Pastel and Oil paintings can be supplied framed or unframed. If you would like it framed I have lots of frames to choose from on my frames page plus others I can send you photos of if you can’t see what you are looking for. Most clients choose their frame at the time of booking, however if you would like to wait until you see the finished painting you can choose one then. Please bear in mind that the frames are made to order and can take up to ten days to be made. So if you have a deadline it’s best to order your frame at the time of booking your portrait. You will see below the final finished Oil Painting of Spaniel Rolo, plus the portrait framed and ready to send to my client. The portrait was given as a retirement gift and she was able to choose her own photo for me to work from, plus which frame she would like. She chose the frame after the portrait was finished. I think you will agree the frame was an excellent choice and suites the lovely colours in Spaniel Rolo’s fur beautifully. See below my client feedback upon receipt of the painting.

Spaniel dog portrait in oils
Spaniel Dog Portrait in Oils
Framed Oil painting of a Spaniel
Framed Oil Painting – Spaniel Rolo

Customer Comments upon receipt

Hi Lorraine. 
Just to say portrait arrived safely and Helen is absolutely thrilled. Gorgeous and captures the expression of Rolo perfectly.
Thank you so much ………………………

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how Rolo’s Oil painting has come to life. Head over to my Gallery or Cats, Horse or Dogs gallery to see more of my Pastels and Oils. Or contact me if you would like to discuss a portrait of your pet, I’d love to hear from you.

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