Chocolate Cocker Spaniel Portrait

Chocolate cocker spaniel portrait

Oil painting of a chocolate cocker spaniel Ozzy

I was contacted by my client to do an oil painting of his beautiful Chocolate Cocker Spaniel called Ozzy.

Ozzy was very photogenic and I was sent several photos to choose from. After narrowing the choice of photos down, a full body portrait was chosen. I just love the fur texture Ozzy has. Such lovely warm rich colours.

chocolate cocker spaniel
Reference photo for Cocker Spaniel Portrait

Work in progress of Ozzy’s portrait

You will see from the photos below how I have started to build up the lovely layers of Ozzy’s fur. In the original photo there was a pink mark on his nose, which isn’t there in real life. So I was able to leave that off! That’s why it’s important to see a few photos and discuss with my clients what the pet is like, are there any marks that should be left off and is the colouring right in the reference photo. You will be surprised how a dogs (or cats) fur can look a completely different colour in each photo. So it’s important to discuss this to make sure the colouring is right. Ozzy’s portrait is canvas size 18″ x 24″. A lovely large painting which will make a wonderful focal point.

work in progress of a cocker spaniel portrait
Work in progress of the oil painting

Portrait finished and framed

My client kindly sent me a photo of the painting when it had been framed and up on his wall. He chose a frame which is called a ‘Tray Frame”. This is where the painting looks like it is floating within the frame. It suits the portrait beautifully. I do love to see how my clients have framed their paintings. The icing on the cake!

I can supply your pet portrait unframed or framed. I have lots of frames to choose from over on my frames page.

If you would like me to paint a portrait of your pet, head over to my contacts page where you can send me an email or give me a call. I also have a commission info blog for your convenience. I’d love to hear from you.

Framed oil painting of a Chocolate Cocker Spaniel
Framed Oil painting of a Chocolate Cocker Spaniel


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