German Shepherd Portrait

German Shepherd Portrait

This German Shepherd portrait is of beautiful Macy. Her portrait was commissioned last year to be a Christmas present. Now Christmas is long gone, it’s safe to post her painting and other Christmas commissions on my website! I wouldn’t want to give away any surprises by posting them too soon!

Macy is a beautiful dog and my client with the help of her daughter, following my photo tips, took some really lovely photos for me to work from. Getting someone to help you when you take the photos is a good idea. Get them to stand right next to you. Both of you down at the same level as the dog and get them to hold a treat or toy by your ear. Your dog will be so focused on the treat, they won’t notice the camera!. It certainly worked for Macy.

Work In Progress – German Shepherd Portrait Macy

German Shepherd portrait work in progress
Work in progress
German Shepherd Portrait - Work in Progress
Blocking In

Clients often like to see work in progress photos of their pet portraits. They like to see how their painting comes to life. You will see how I start the portrait with just tones, putting in the dark and lights areas. Then I start putting in the colour and finally the lovely fur texture that dogs have. See below the finished portrait of Macy and also Macy’s painting framed ready to be sent to my client.

Finished pastel portrait of German Shepherd Macy
Pastel portrait of a German Shepherd

Framed German Shepherd Portrait

My client chose a lovely light Oak frame that really suited Macy’s colouring. I have frames to choose from on my website, plus many others I can send images of if there is a style or colour that is preferred. My frames range from large deluxe chunky frames, to simple design, narrow mouldings. See below my client comments upon her viewing the painting.

Macy the German Shepherds portrait framed

Pet portrait client comments


Oh my word Lorraine, that is absolutely fantastic.
I’ve just sent it to one of my daughters who has described it as insane/amazing.
The other daughter said wow – I love it!

If you would like to discuss having a pet portrait, please do contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

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