cat portraits in oils

Cat portraits in oils

I was contacted by a client who had seen a portrait I had painted of her friends dogs in oils. She contacted me to do a portrait of her Norwegian Forest cats. They are such beautiful looking cats. Their names are Maddi, Scooter, Smarty and Cookie. She wanted them all to be painted together in the one painting. When there is to be more than one pet in the painting, it is always best to take separate photos of each of them. I guided her to what type of photos would work best and over a couple of months of various photos of each cat, we had our choice. Using the photos I created a mock-up on the computer putting them together in a few different layouts and with my clients input we came up with a beautiful composition.

Norwegian Forest Cats portrait – work in progress

I like to take work in progress photos as I create my painting. My clients like to see how their paintings come to life. For my oil pet portraits I start with a pencil sketch before I start using my oil paints. You will see by the two work in progress photos below how I work on my Oil Pet Portraits.

Starting my Norwegian Forest Cats painting
The early stages of adding oil to my cat painting

Once I have the pencil sketch in place and I am happy with the likeness I start applying the oils. This is a long process building up the layers of fur. Patience too, as each layer has to dry before I apply the next!

Finished portrait of Norwegian Forest Cats

Above is the finished oil painting of these lovely Norwegian Forest Cats. You can have your cat portrait unframed or framed. My client chose framed. The frame she chose really suites their colouring.

Norwegian Forest cats portrait in oils framed

Norwegian Forest Cats painting framed and ready to ship to my client

Pet Portrait customer comments

Hello Lorraine,
Thank you for the portrait which arrived safely and so well packed. 
What a marvellous portrayal of ‘the Gang of Four’.  It’s them to a tee and so lifelike they seem to be looking at me.  The frame you chose suits it well.  You are such a talented artist and I’m delighted.  
I’ll certainly sing your praises to anyone who’s interested in a portrait of their animal(s).

Kindest regards.

Would you like a Cat Portrait?

If you would like to discuss about having a pet portrait, feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

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