Shih Tzu Portrait

Shih Tzu Portrait

The Shih Tzu portrait you see above is Poppy. A client purchased a gift certificate for Christmas last year. His wife contacted me a few months later with some beautiful photos to work from. Together we were able to decide which was the best photo to use for the portrait. She wanted to show the lovely cheeky character of Poppy. I gave her advice on the right lighting e.g. no sunshine. Natural daylight, a bright overcast day lets me see the real life colours of the dog. The sun can bleach out colours or change them and the dog will end up squinting. Taking your time over several days is best as we could end up with a fed up looking dog! Poppy was a real star. She posed beautifully for her mum.

Shih Tzu Portrait – Painted in pastels and framed

Poppy’s portrait was painted in pastels and the size is 16” x 14”. This size is suitable for a lot of types of dogs. A very popular size. You will see from the work in progress how I have built up the colours and fur texture.

Shih Tzu Portrait - Work in Progress
Early stages of Shih Tzu Portrait
Shih Tzu Portrait - Work in Progress
Building up the layers

The recipient of the gift certificate was able to choose which frame. It is a lovely soft gold frame which complements the colouring of Poppy. You can have your pet portrait framed or unframed. My unframed paintings are packed in a special way that keeps it safe in transit and allows you to view the painting safely and take it to your local framers. Pastels need to be framed with a mount under glass. The mount keeps the glass from touching the pastel pet painting. If you choose the framed pet portrait option then I can show you the samples that I have to choose from. The painting will be mounted and framed under glass ready to hang on your wall!

Shih Tzu Portrait by Lorraine Gray
Finished Portrait

If you are interested in a Shih Tzu portrait of your own please contact me. My pet portraits are available in a range of sizes, framed or unframed. I work in both pastels and oils.

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