Rottweilers Pet Portrait


  1. Hi Lorraine…It has been over 15 years since you painted a portrait of our dear Samoyed, Vuchko. It is still looking at me over my computer screen and on the opposite wall where it has been for all those years. I remained amazed at your talent and ability portrayed in Vuchko’s portrait and in so many others to capture so much of the essence of the dog himself. Your portrait helps us to remember what a fantastic dog he was. I hope your career has brought you personal satisfaction over these years as I am sure you have brought much happiness to the many of us who have those portraits of our beloved animals. Since Vuchko, my wife and I have acquired 3 more Samoyeds, one of whom is still with us. But no photograph we have of them is as perfect as the one you used for Vucko’s portrait. Cheers and best wishes from us in Snohomish, Washington, USA.

    1. Hi Mike and Janice,

      Gosh has it been 15 years? I remember Vuchko’s portrait very well. Such a beautiful dog and a great photo to work from. Only the other day, I was looking at the photo you sent me of Vuchko sat next to his portrait.
      I’d love to see your photos of your other Samoyed’s, they are such beautiful dogs. Very best wishes Lorraine

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