Rottweilers Pet Portrait

Welcome to my new website!

Those of you who regularly visit my website may have noticed a complete design change. My old website served me well for many years but it was looking slightly dated. It didn’t display very well on mobile devices and that was having an impact on my position in Google.

My website needs

I wanted a clean looking design where the portraits took centre stage. Ideally it would contain the most important information that clients look for and should be easy for them to navigate. At the time of writing it’s almost complete. I do need to add a photo tips section and perhaps give some prices for shipping. One of the key things I wanted in my new website was an option for a blog. Clients like to read about the process of a pet portrait which can bring a project to life. I also know that a blog is a good way to help with my Google rankings. Hopefully blogging will become a regular thing from now on. If any readers have suggestions for blog posts that they would like to see please feel free to contact me.

Future Plans

In the past I have had commissions from all over the world, including the USA. It’s become harder to appear well in Google for American customers when I’m using this domain which is In the short term my aim is to improve my position in Google for UK visitors. Once this is achieved I may look at a brand new website which is aimed exclusively at my American audience.

Commissions have been steady over the summer. This blog will feature some of my recent work and I also post current projects to my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Hopefully my position in Google will have improved before the Christmas orders come in. In previous years the lead up to Christmas has always been busy. Pet portraits make an ideal Christmas gift, especially for the pet owning relative who is hard to buy for! Some clients prefer to buy one of my gift vouchers instead. This can make sense if you don’t have the perfect photo of the pet in question. You may feel the pet owner would be better placed to discuss what they want from a pet portrait.

Hopefully you like the new look of this website. Feel free to visit from time to time as it takes shape and we add more content.

Thanks for reading!

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