Black Labrador Portrait Oils

Black Labrador Portraits

I hope you are all keeping safe and well during this lock-down.  I am lucky my studio is at home, so life during the day seems fairly normal.  I have my dogs with me for company whilst I work in my studio.  One is a German Shepherd and the other is a German Shepherd Cross.  It’s not until I go out for provisions that it all seems so surreal.  I’ve painted so many Black Labrador portraits over the years and thought I’d do a blog on this lovely breed of dog. I have been lucky enough to meet and take photos of them too.

About The Breed

Labradors are widely considered to be wonderful family pets.  Many of my clients who have Labradors have said this is absolutely true.  They have a reputation for being outgoing, gentle and very easy to train.  Very food driven!  Often when I am out on a dog walk it is always the Labradors that come up to sniff my pocket where I keep the dog treats! and sit and wait patiently for me to give them a treat!  I ask the owners first of course!

They are very popular family pets, no wonder I get so many Labrador Portraits to do.  Each and every one of the Labradors I get to paint in pastels or oils are unique.  They have their own character which shines through in my paintings.  I love to hear stories from my clients of the character of each of their Labradors.  Get the feel of their personality.  It’s wonderful to hear the feedback I get from my clients once they have received their Labrador portrait.

Labradors have a sweet nature which makes them excellent therapy dogs, visiting hospitals and homes for the elderly and they are ideal as assistance dogs.  Guide dogs and hearing dogs. Labradors come in three colour variations. Yellow, Chocolate and Black.

Black Labradors sizes depends on if they are male or female. Female black Labs will usually be about 21-23.5 inches tall. Whereas a male black labrador can be 22.5024.5 inches tall.

Female black labradors can weigh from about 55 to 70 pounds and the males around 45-80 pounds!

Black Labrador Portraits – Pastels

Below is a Black Labrador portrait in pastels that I have completed recently who is called Denver.  Denver recently passed away and my client wanted a portrait as a reminder of their beloved friend.  I had some excellent photos to work from of Denver. It really is important to have a clear photo to work from and I was lucky that my client had several to choose from. He chose his favourite. Look how proud he looks.

Black Labrador Portraits
Black Labrador in pastels

Work In Progress Pastels

Here is a work in progress of Black Labrador Denvers portrait in pastels. The client wanted the traditional style where the head/neck is centred in the middle of the canvas. You can choose whichever style you like. I just love the sheen you get on a Black Labradors fur.  To me they are not just a black dog.  They have so many colours going on in their fur.  There is Blue’s and purples in their glossy coats.  As well as a lovely shiny nose!

Black Labrador Portrait in pastels work in progress
Black Labrador portrait work in progress

I have painted pastels and Oil portraits of many Black Labradors over the years.  Also Golden Labradors, Labrador Retrievers and Labrador Cross breeds too. 

Black Labrador Portraits In Oils

Here is another black labrador portrait that I painted last year.  This is an oil painting and was the size 20″ x 16″ which was commissioned as a gift.  I have yet to do the collar and more fur detail.

Black Labrador Portrait Oils
Black Labrador oil painting – work in progress
Black Labrador Portrait Oils
Black labrador oil portraits

Here is the finished portrait.  The client chose a beautiful frame that really set of the painting beautifully.

If you have a Labrador or a Labrador cross and would love a portrait in Pastels or Oils, I’d love to see your photos.  Pop over to my contact page where you can send me an email.  Have a look at my photo tips blog which will help you with the type of photos I need to work from.

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