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So Just How Much Will Your Pet Portrait Cost?

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Commissioned Worldwide


Commissioned from clients worldwide including USA, Canada, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Malta, Switzerland, Italy and the UK.

(Sizes are for canvas/pastel paper size) Choice of frames further down this page.

Prices are in UK currency, however there is a currency converter for your convenience. Payment can be made in your own currency.


12" x 10" Unframed - From 125
Head study only
Framed - Narrow frame moulding, add 20
Framed - Medium Frame moulding add 25
one subject recommended in this size

16" x 12" Unframed - From 150
Head Study/part body only
Framed Narrow frame, add 25
Framed Medium Frame, add 30
One subject recommended in this size

16" x 14" Unframed, - From 180
Head Study/part body
Framed Narrow frame, add 35
Framed Medium frame, add 41
Framed Large deluxe, add 60
Additional subject add 40

18" x 14" Unframed - From 190
Framed Narrow frame, add 35
Framed Medium frame, add 41
Framed Large deluxe, add 70
Additional subjects add 50 per subject

20" x 16" Unframed - From 250
Framed Medium frame, add 50
Framed Large deluxe, add 80
Additional subjects add 50 per subject

20" x 18" Unframed - From 270
Framed Medium frame add 50
Framed Large deluxe add 80
Additional subjects add 50 per subject

24" x 20" Unframed - From 330
Framed Medium frame, add 60
Framed Deluxe frame, add 85
Additional subjects 50 per subject

If you are having trouble choosing what size painting, send me an email with what sort of painting you would like and I will gladly advise you, also custom sizes are available.

Please email me for prices in your currency

12" x 10" Unframed - 400
(one subject)
Framed large deluxe - 450
Framed Large Supreme deluxe - 475

16" x 12" Unframed - 500
Framed large deluxe - 570
Framed Large Supreme deluxe - 590
Add 50 per extra subject - max of 3

18" x 14" Unframed - 600
Framed large deluxe - 680
Framed large Supreme deluxe - 713
Add 50 per extra subject

20" x 16" Unframed - 700
Framed large deluxe - 790
Framed large Supreme deluxe - 823
Add 60 per extra subject - max of 5

24" x 18" unframed - 800
Framed large deluxe - 100
Framed large supreme deluxe - 138
Add 70 per extra subject - max of 6

Oil paintings are painted on Professional Stretched Canvas. There are various canvas sizes available. If you would like a size other than is here, email me and I will gladly give you a quote.



UK - Royal Mail Special Delivery - All sizes unframed and for framed in the size 10" x 12" costs 10.

Framed size 16" x 12" upward, will be sent by Courier Delivery. P&P cost 20.

OVERSEAS - will be sent by International courier, Delivery, 5-8 working days. Email for prices as prices differ with size of painting and which country.


A perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, mothers day, fathers day, valentines day or weddings!.

There are two options. You can give a monetary value towards their portrait or buy the full painting.

A Gift Certificate is a perfect gift. Your loved one will have the delight of being involved in the whole process of creating their painting. As well as the Certificate will be a photo advice sheet to help them get that lovely photo for me to work from. They can choose which photo they would like me to work from. They can also choose which frame if you choose a framed option. Go to my Gift Certificates page and fill out the form. I will reply and send you your Certificate.

My gift certificates are valid for two years after date of purchase. However you can still use them after this date by paying the price difference if the prices have increased since date of purchase.

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What is the difference between
Pastels and Oils?

Pastels are made from the same pigments used for oil paints.

Pastel comes from the French word pastische, meaning paste. The powdered pigment and French chalk are ground into a paste with a small amount of binder and water. This is formed into sticks and left to dry slowly. As the water evaporates, the pastel dries and so you have a medium to work with. (pastel sticks). These can then be rubbed and blended onto archival pastel paper to create paintings.

Pastels originated in the 16th century and became really popular in the 18th century. Famous artists (Degas, Delacroix, Millet, Monet, Renoir, Toulouse Lautrec and Whistler) all used pastels and these paintings are still around today and look the same as the day they were painted.

Pastel retains its vibrant radiance over centuries, providing it is properly framed and kept out of direct sunlight. Pastel paintings should always be framed with a mount and behind glass. The glass protects the painting from smudging and it will safely last as fresh as the day it was painted for many generations.

Oils are a liquid medium. Paintings in both mediums are painted in layers. With pastels the pigment is dry, so each layer can be built up one on top of the other straight away. With Oils, this medium takes a day or two to dry between each layer. This is a beautiful medium as the colours can be softly blended together whilst the paint is still wet. A painting in oils can take up to a week or more to complete.

Oils can be painted on Stretched canvas board which can be put straight into a frame, or be painted on a stretched canvas frame which can be hung with or without a frame.
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I use the finest quality oils for my portraits.

My Oil paintings are painted on Professional stretched Linen canvas.

Professionally stretched canvas can be hung unframed or framed by your local framers. Or I can frame it for you. There are frames to choose from on this website on the Frame page in the menu.
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Velour colour choice for pastels

If you would like a plain background with just the coloured velour showing, instead of a soft pastel shaded background, there are three colours you can choose from. Just let me know when ordering your preference.
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How To Order Your Commissioned Painting

Email me your details and I will contact you the same day.

**note when sending emailed photos, send one or two images at a time. There has been several emails sent to me lately that haven't got through to me and this may be because there were too many attachments. I always answer the same day, so if you haven't heard back from me after sending attachments, your email didn't reach me**.

Please have a look at the size and price guide to help you decide what sort of portrait you would like. If you need help deciding which medium, I will gladly help.

If you would like to discuss anything your not sure about, please contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Upon receipt of your photos I will advise if they are suitable or give photography guidance. (see photography tips page). It is very important to have a clear photograph for me to work from.

I will reply the same day, with a quote or required guidance, and an approx timeframe of my waiting list. (this would be approximate because confirmed bookings come in regularly and the timeframe may change.

Because of the amount of enquiries, I work on a first come first serve basis. A 25% non refundable deposit paid will confirm and hold your slot for you.

The deposit can be paid by cheque (L Gray) or by paypal from the paypal logo on my homepage. Select UK currency, then press the logo. It will give you instructions on paying.

All photos sent by post will be returned guaranteed.

( *Note. If you are using an email system that only allows people that are on your contacts lists to send you emails, don't forget to add me!!!. I have had several emails from enquries where my replies have come back as not allowed to be delivered!!). Could you put your phone number in the email in case this happens and I can't reply by email. Many thanks.

I will contact you by email (unless you require me to contact by phone). Please do let me know which you would prefer, as a lot of portraits are for presents for partners and I wouldn't want to give the surprise away!!!

Any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

How long? - The waiting list can vary depending on time of year. So it is best to plan your painting well in advance. If you have left it a little late, you are welcome to one of my gift certificates. (see gift certificates page).


**Artwork is commissioned for personal use only and may not be used for financial gain. I retain full reproduction copyright on all my work.**

***NOTICE - I always reply to your enquiry within 24hrs. If you receive no reply it means your email did not reach me. Please could you contact me again***


You will notice throughout my website that there are different styles of paintings to suit everyone's taste. I like to offer the choice to my clients. The first style is where the neck is faded and blended into a soft pastel background. The second style is where the head, neck and chest fills the canvas and meets the mount/matt. The third choice is the traditional style where the head and neck is centered in the canvas and the background is plain.

If you have a preference, let me know at the time of booking. Or if you prefer to leave it to me, I will choose the style that suits your painting.

These three styles apply to Pastels. For Oils the first two would apply.

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Your Photographs

It is very important to have good clear, up close photographs to work from. The better the photos - the better the portrait.
(see photography tips page).

You can send your photos by post or if you are sending digital images, I would need high resolution images on a CD sent by post. Or you can send images by email.
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When your pet portrait is completed, I will send you an email letting you know where you can view your painting online. Only if you are completely happy with this image do I ask for payment prior to shipment. You can pay me online using Paypal, its quick and easy to set up. All you need is a email address. OR you can send me a cheque made payable to Mrs L Gray. (if paying by cheque I will need to wait until cheque has cleared before sending painting). Once payment is received I will send you an email letting you know your painting is on its way and give you your parcel delivery number.
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