Doberman Portrait in oils

Doberman Portrait

This beautiful Doberman is called Summer. Her portrait is painted in Oils on pre-stretched Linen Canvas. The painting size is 20″ x 16″. This is the second Doberman portrait I have painted for my client.  The other Doberman portrait is of her dog called Charlie.   Plus a Deerhound who was also painted in oils. I will show you the other portraits further along in this blog. But for now let’s talk about Doberman Summer! It is so lovely to be told all about the dogs I paint. To hear about their personalities, characters, likes and dislikes. Quiet often they are rescued dogs and its wonderful to find they have finally found their forever happy home.

Doberman Portrait – Summers life – how she came home

My client was very happy to share Summers life story with us and how she came to live in her forever home. Below is the story of Doberman Summers life from her mum.

She had a pretty bad start in life . Rescued from a puppy farm at 10 weeks old .  She was then in a rescue kennels for a while before being adopted however this didn’t work out and she found herself back in the rescue centre again . She was really stressed in the kennels so thankfully a really nice family fostered her for a while and this is where we got her from .

She is the sweetest dog ever .  Very wary of strangers especially men but one she gets to know you all she wants is to please and to have lots of cuddles .

She just loves to play and will chase and fetch a ball back to you all day if you let her .

Loves attention and if you are ignoring her say if your on your phone she will cry and howl till you stroke her or failing that will throw herself all over you so you have to stop what your doing . 

She has a condition called wobblers syndrome which is a genetic disorder effecting her spine .  She walks a bit wonky hence her nickname “ wonky donkey “ and when she runs she sometimes falls over when she turns, that said she can out run big brother Doberman Charlie and she just loves life now .

Doberman portrait – work in progress

Doberman portrait work in progress
This is the start of Summer the Dobermans portrait. I first do a sketch with a pencil, then block in colours. I’ll do this for several layers before I start to put detail in. Below you will see I have started to build up the colours in the Doberman Portrait.  I am just starting to work on her eyes. It has a long way to go before it’s finished. I’m still building up the layers to achieve the richness that these lovely Dobermans have in their fur.  Once I have finished her lovely eyes I will concentrate on her nose next.

Doberman Portrait in Oils
Doberman Portrait work in progress
doberman portrait
Doberman Summers finished portrait

Doberman portraits – Summer and Charlie

The portrait above is the finished Oil painting of Doberman Summer.  You will see below two framed oil paintings of Dobermans.  One is Summer the Doberman who this blog is about and the other is her Doberman brother Charlie.  Both of these portraits are for the same client and are framed in the same frame.  Although Charlie’s oil painting was done a few years ago, I was still able to get the same frame.
It was lovely to hear about Charlie life story too.  Here is Doberman Charlie’s story from his mum.

Charlie the Doberman – We had him from an 8 week old pup . Biggest , softest dog ever. Wherever you are he will be . They call Dobermans the “Velcro dogs “ as they stick to your side all the time . This is so true of Charlie boy . Just loves everything and everyone. Loves to play all the time and so hard to tire him out . He will spend all day with you if he had the choice . Loves a cuddle and likes nothing better than snuggling up on a sofa with you after a hard days play . Amazing dog .

Doberman Charlie’s portrait
Doberman Summer’s portrait

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Dobermans Summer and Charlie and have enjoyed their portraits.  If you have a Doberman or know someone that does, please feel free to share on facebook.  If you would like me to do a portrait in Pastels or Oils of your Doberman visit my contact page, I would love to hear from you.  Lorraine

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