chocolate labrador portrait

Chocolate Labrador Portrait

This beautiful Chocolate Labrador is called Molly. Molly’s painting was a Christmas gift in 2018. The client contacted me to show me the photos she had of Molly. Molly is very sadly no longer with us and there wasn’t any photos of the “typical portrait” pose. However when I saw this photo of Molly laying with her head on her paws watching her mum I just new this would make a wonderful painting. It isn’t always necessary to have a “posed” photo to work from. I just love paintings that tell a story. My own little dog used to do just the same thing. He used to lay watching me whilst I worked. Molly reminded me of him a great deal. You will see below work in progress photos of my portrait of Molly and then the final image along with a photo of the painting framed.

Chocolate Labrador portrait – Work in porgress

Starting the painting of Molly the Chocolate Labrador

You will see how I have first very roughly drawn the sketch and then started to put the dark shadows on the face. I enjoyed painting Molly so much I forgot to take more photos of the work in progress!! So the next image is the portrait finished 🙂

Finished portrait

The client chose a lovely silver frame which suits Molly’s colouring and background beautifully. I have lots of frames to choose from. Ranging from narrow to chunky, traditional to modern frames.

Framed chocolate Labrador Portrait

Molly the Chocolate Labradors portrait framed and ready to send

See below my clients comments upon receipt of her portrait.

Hi Lorraine 

Portrait arrived ok.  Cried again when I saw it!  I honestly can’t thank you enough. I love it so much, it’s just as beautiful as she was.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. 

Would you like a pet portrait?

If you would like to discuss about having a pet portrait, feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Nice work. Our family, mainly my daughter, has been taking care of our her Atticus, a very brave and loyal yellow retriever, Atticus is 13 years old.
    I’ve seen your work and I would like to see if you could do a painting of him.
    You are a great artist.
    Thank you.
    Richard. Julie and Loren Mari Renteria.

    1. Hi Loren, thank you, I’m glad you love the portrait. I’d love to do a portrait for you of Atticus. Feel free to drop me an email with the photos and info.
      Regards Lorraine

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